ABB Launches CoriolisMaster Custody Transfer


We are pleased to announce the new CoriolisMaster custody transfer option that provides OIML and MID certified flow measurement accuracy at the highest level.

Coriolis custody transfer MID / OIML R117 provides approval for liquids, gases and steam other than water.

The high dynamic measurement increases the response time of measurement, and the Enhanced Coriolis Control (ECC) software option provides an innovative solution for multiphase conditions. The new Coriolis OIML provides better performance, faster results, and functionality in difficult situations (gas bubbles and dual-phase conditions).

ABB Ability adds verification capabilities in the field.

CoriolisMaster new solution 

ABB’s CoriolisMaster now offers a new custody transfer option providing these options, approved under OIML R117 and Wellmec standards and certified for MID measurement. The new solution offers the following benefits:

  • Bullseye accuracy gets CoriolisMaster OIML certified
    • Ideal for high value, high precision measurement
    • Focus on OIML-certified liquid measurement
  • ABB portfolio:
    • Highly integrated CoriolisMaster and ABB and flow computers
    • Enables remote verification and maintenance
    • Fully traceable parameter setting and changing
    • Flow computer as fully enabled interface to the meter
  • Small footprint – excellent sensor design
    • Unlike other meters, ABB’s CoriolisMaster achieves high-end accuracy with a very small footprint, enabling easy installation and saving space and time for users
  • ABB Ability verification
    • Ensure utmost accuracy in the field by adding CoriolisMaster’s VeriMass solution fully integrated into ABB’s Ability verification solution


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