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Offshore Safety Measures 11/06/2018

The importance of pressure monitoring in offshore and onshore environment. ... [More]

Autoclave Pumps Infographic 05/06/2018

Ever wondered how Parker Autoclave Pumps work and how they can benefit you? ... [More]

World Cup Wallchart 22/05/2018

Click here to gain your KC Controls World Cup Wallchart ... [More]

Manifold Connector Technology – Why Settle for Second-best? 17/04/2018

Securing leak-free connection of impulse lines to manifolds for applications that use differential pressure flowmeters is a subject ... [More]

Exploring ABB's Turbidity range 10/04/2018

KC have produced an infographic which allows you to explore ABB's Turbidity range ... [More]

KC Have a new Kingsman 15/03/2018

KC Controls have welcomed Stuart Kingsbury to the team as Area Sales Manager for the Upper Thames (East Anglia) region. ... [More]

Understanding ABB's Thermal Mass Flowmeters 13/03/2018

KC have produced an infographic which allows you to understand how ABB's Thermal Mass Flow Meters work ... [More]

An Overview of Level Measurement Technologies 05/03/2018

On Wednesday 7th March our Regional Sales Manager will be attending: An Overview of Level Measurement Technologies at The Forest Lodge Hotel, Lyndhurst. ... [More]

What are the benefits of Parker Pumps? 27/02/2018

Parker Autoclave Engineers has used this experience to develop a broad line of air-driven, high pressure pumps that are efficient to operate and simple in design. Compared to other types of hydraulic pumps, they provide cost effective and energy saving be ... [More]

How To Fit Tubes and Connectors Right First Time, Every Time 21/02/2018

Breeze looks at how a clever, inexpensive innovation can help prevent fitting leakage and failure. ... [More]

Help KC to Help You 14/02/2018

At KC Controls we are always looking at ways of improving our Marketing. What we would like to know is what you currently like from our emails and other marketing tools. We would appreciate it, if you took a couple minutes of your time to fill out ... [More]

Introducing Ashley Furlong 08/02/2018

KC Controls are pleased to announce that Ashley Furlong has joined Kc as the Business Development Manager for Parker Products ... [More]

The Solution for Level Measurement 09/01/2018

Laser level transmitters provides easy solutions for accurate and reliable level measurement. ... [More]

Christmas and New Years opening times at KC 12/12/2017

We will be shutting down for the Christmas period from 2pm on the 22nd of December and will be back to business on Tuesday the 2nd of January 2018. ... [More]

Want to work for KC Controls? 30/11/2017

KC Controls are seeking an experienced Sales Administrator ... [More]

Customer Service & Quality Award 28/11/2017

Simon Derri has won the ‘Customer Service & Quality’ Award from ABB Instrumentation. ... [More]

Fit to Forget 13/10/2017

Why should you be using Parker A-Lok Fittings? ... [More]

ABB Wireless 05/10/2017

Why going Wireless with ABB will save you money ... [More]

What is an Air Header Distribution Manifold? 18/09/2017

Parker's air header distribution manifolds are designed to distribute air from the compressor to the actuators on pneumatic instruments ... [More]

What is a Pressure Transmitter? and what are the benefits of one? 🤔 07/09/2017

A pressure transmitter is a device that measures pressure in Liquid, fluid or gas. ... [More]