Optek - 21/02/2011

Optimise The Process...

The extraction of high-cost products from an aqueous phase to an organic phase or vice versa or a salting-in/salting-out processes are very common and important procedures in the pharmaceutical industry. After settling of the mixture in a batch reactor the aqueous phase is separated from the organic phase.

This process can be monitored easily e.g. with an optek dual channel absorption sensor at the reactor outlet to assure separation with high precision. Each phase and the Interphase show differences in absorbing light. This technique allows you to optimize your separation process, at the same time minimizing product loss and saving thousands of dollars per batch.

Phase separation after settling tank, continuous monitoring
  • No operator on a sight glass
  • Exact determination of the different phases
  • Increased Product Quality
  • Faster Product Changeovers
  • Reduced Product Loss
  • Improved Process Control
  • Precise and repeatable optical measurements
  • Automatic diversion, no manual switching
  • Detect aqueous/organic phase
  • Fast response
  • Results in cleaner products
Depending on the process media and automation requirements, the determining principle of measurement could be the detection of absorbance using light in the Near Infrared (NIR) range. An optek inline photometer, an inline sensor or an insertion probe, in combination with the right converter can be used in this application.

Together with optek you can realize an automated switching of valves to route the product the right way without contaminations, to prevent any missing of the different phases, and at the same time being able to collect the needed data for QA/QC. This application can save thousands of dollars and has a very rapid ROI.


Optek photometric analyzers are simple to install and easy to implement. Using optek photometers for interphase detection will lead to higher quality, will exclude any missing of the different liquid phases and will lead to reduced costs with a rapid return on your investment. Let optek help you optimizing your process.

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