Gas Analytical: Limas23 Ultraviolet Photometer - 28/11/2011

Limas23 is an UV-RAS industrial photometer for multi-component measurement that operates within the UV spectrum range λ = 200 to 600 nm. Limas23 can be combined with theparamagnetic O2 analyser Magnos206 or an electrochemical O2 sensor. Limas23 continuously measures the components NOx as NO and NO2 without the use of a converter, as well asthe third component SO2, with detection limits of < 0.5 ppmand maximum stability of measured values.

Typical applications

− Emission monitoring; Limas23 combined with Magnos206 in one device, measures all relevant pollutant and sample components like NO, NO2, SO2 and O2

− Control of DeNOx installations

− Exhaust air and purity measurement in chemical applications

Sample components – smallest measuring ranges

NO   0...50 ppm

NO2   0...50 ppm

SO2   0...100 ppm

− Quartz cells for applications with corrosive gases
− Two measuring ranges for each component


− Automatic calibration

− Calibration with air and gas-filled calibration cells at the zero and end-point ensure plausible measured values

Measurement principle

− Ultraviolet resonance absorption spectroscopy (UV-RAS) for NO

− Non-dispersive ultraviolet absorption (NDUV) for SO2 andNO2 in the wavelength range λ = 200...600 nm.

Ultraviolet photometer Limas23

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