Gas Analytical: Caldos27 Thermal Conductivity Analyser - 28/11/2011

Small measuring ranges and fast measurements are characteristic for the Caldos27 thanks to its silicon sensor. The smallest volumes and the direct coupling to the gas feed path result in extremely short T90 times. The measuring ranges can be freely selected. The extremely high long-time stability of the sensor largely enables single-point calibration with only one gas.

Typical applications

− Hydrogen purity measurement

− Turbogenerator monitoring

− Inert gas monitoring

− Monitoring of explosive limits

Sample components – smallest measuring ranges

More than 30 binary gas mixtures are configurable.

The active measuring component can be selected out of four gas mixtures.

− Two measuring ranges for each component


− Zero-point calibration with sample component-free process gas or substitute gas

− End-point calibration with process gas with a known sample gas concentration or with a substitute gas

− Simplified calibration with standard gas avoids the need for separate zero and end-point calibration

− Automatic calibration

Dynamic response

T90 time < 2 s

Thermal conductivity analyzer Caldos27

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